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Hello, this is Miholly, a couple living in Kyoto, Japan:) In this blog, I would periodically want to write about our daily thoughts living in Japan. Hope it will be interesting for people living around the world ;)



Today I want to write about something that I love to do in the weekend morning, which is to find out new cafe that serves delicious "Morning" menus!  Not only tasting the tasty foods, but going to cafe in the morning can have quite good impact on how you spend the day. Let me share with you in detail :)




"Morning" Menu in Japanese Cafe  -日本のカフェのモーニング-


Morning is a typical menu in Japanese cafe, often served with toast or a sandwitch and a cup of tea or a coffee.  This kind of menu is said to be started in Nagoya, where it is popular for the love for cafes, and now spread to all over Japan.

日本の喫茶店の代表的なメニューといえば、トーストやサンドイッチに紅茶やコーヒーをセットで食べる「モーニング」です!  このようなメニューを「モーニング」というのは喫茶店好きが多い名古屋で始まって、今では日本全国に広がっていると言われています。


And the menu often come in reasonable prices, which increases your satisfaction like a reward for waking up early in the weekends.

Let me share with you some of the delicious Morning menus that I have tried in Kyoto recently.



This is a menu from cafe built in the historical buidling in Kyoto. I could enjoy the sightseeing ambience from first in the morning. 




I discovered local cafe that serves incredibly delicious sandwitches. These are the signiture dish egg sandwitch and pork cutlet sandwitch.




Benefits of Trying the Morning Menu -朝メニューに挑戦するメリット-

In the weekends I have started to search for cafes with Morning menus, and this activity is giving me several enjoyment and benefits.


Rediscovering your home town and travel destinations ーモーニングを目的に新たな地元発見ー

Maybe you know well about popular sight seeing places nearby, but how about opening the google map and searching cafes that open from early in the morning. You may find some ones with many comments and reviews , and that would be a good place to start.

近くの人気観光地はよく知っているかもしれませんが、早朝から営業しているカフェを検索するために、あらためてgoogle mapを開いてみるのはいかがでしょうか。コメントやレビューの多いお店が見つかるかもしれません(^^)/


The place you go might be somewhere you would have never gone if you haven't searched for the cafe. Along the way, there is a chance for you to find some unexpected sceneries and shops that interests you. By continuing to find out those cafes and store you will realize that your map of your home town continue to expand and becoming much more attractive place than you have thought.



Spending your Day with Satisfaction ー1日を充実して過ごすー


At what time do you wake up on the weekends?

How do you schedule your Saturday and Sunday?



Frankly, after spending a tired week, I used to jump into my bed on Friday and wake up on Saturday in a relaxed time. When I started to do something on Saturday it is already near noon time. It's good to take a rest, but I knew it wasn't the best way to spend my weekend.



After searching for the morning cafe menu, it provided me with the first objective for the weekend that made me want to wake up early. And to note, popular cafe can be full even at the morning, so it motivates me to get to the store just before the opening time. Waking up early maybe a tough job, but if you can reach to a delicious breakfast, your effort will definitely pay off.



Once you get to the cafe and enjoy the breakfast. It is your free time to spend some time reading a book, or just having time a time thinking about something. And you can just have some walk around the cafe to find something unexpected. 



Often I come back to my home before noon and notice that I've already walked more than 5,000 steps. This give me additional sense of achievement that I have accomplished something already in the morning time. After the morning activity, regardless of whatever things you don on the afternoon, it is quite certain that you can feel satisfied of that day!



In Closing  -終わりに -


Hope you can also find out delicious cafe in your area, and enjoy your weekend with morning menus!



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That's all for today, see you in the next blog!