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Hello, this is Miholly, a couple living in Kyoto, Japan:) In this blog, I would periodically want to write about our daily thoughts living in Japan. Hope it will be interesting for people living around the world ;)



Recently we are enjoying to discover Shiga prefecture in the weekends, because it is quite short trip from Kyoto (only about 30minutes) and you can feel the natural ambience just by lookimg at Lake Biwa. 



We had chance to visit norhtern area of Lake Biwa, and I was so moved by the beautiful and peaceful scenery. In this blog let me highlight the view of the Lake Biwa that will make everybody feel at ease and relaxed.




The Great Sunset of Lake Biwa -琵琶湖の素晴らしい夕日-


The Great Sunset View can be seen from the west side of the lake. And I can say that the view is just so spectacular. During one day in October, we were riding a van on the Kohoku (north area,湖北) around 17:00 near the lakeside, and as soon driving out of the tunnel there was a great scenery of the lake. After parking my care I watched the sunset , and as the time pass every few minutes, we can see that the sky is gradually turning orange. Within 30 min, the entire view of the sunset was just breath taking. 




I really admired the contrast of the bright orange sky and the blue colour of the lake. It just looked like a piece of painting. There are many bike and bicycle riders and this view should be one of the key elements that attract them to come. I am certain that this sunset is wonderful attraction of east side Of Lake Biwa.



About the Wild Birds -湖北の野鳥-


Let me also point out that not only the sunset, but the diverse wild birds are also a great attraction of Lake Biwa. When we were walking in the morning besides the lake, we found a group of birds along the lake. It was just like people gathering in Shibuya or Namba.




Then we found that there was Kohoku Wild Bird Center, that is continuously observing and helping to preserve the wild bird of Kohoku area. At the center, we could learn many thigs about the wild birds in Lake Biwa from very friendly staff.





Actually this Kohoku area has been working to preserve the natural environment and thanks to their efforts for decades, now the place has become a hot spot for migratory birds. Most of the birds were wild ducks, but during the autumn season one of the key highlight was to find Whistling Swan (コハクチョウ) migrating from Siberia. There was several field scopes in the center, so we waited for the swan to come... And having a great luck, we could spot them coming to the lake beautifully.  




It was such a great learning to know about the diverse nature of Lake Biwako in this trip, which made me more interested to learn about it further more. 



In Closing  -終わりに-


After becoming my favorite habit to visit Lake Biwa, I feel that I al able to refresh myself well whenever I want to. I really think that coming to contact with nature in regular occasion is very important for your well being. 


And not only watching but it gave me an opportunity to have interest in wild animals (birds this time).



I do think everybody have some kind of stress after spending the busy week days, but not only Lake Biwa, I hope you can find your place of comfort in your home area as well.



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So, see you in my next blog! 

Have a nice day, Bye bye〜!